If you were seriously hurt in an accident and hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your case, you have the right to expect that the attorney will be ethical, hardworking, and fight for your best interests. But what happens if the relationship sours?

Perhaps you’re concerned that it’s been weeks or months since you’ve received a status update. Or maybe you’re worried about the legal direction your case is headed. Your first instinct may be to fire your lawyer and hire another one. Let’s discuss your options.

How Often Should I Hear from My Personal Injury Lawyer?

You may feel like your attorney is blowing you off by not calling or emailing you back. Some are better at communication than others. There’s no standard time interval for lawyers to keep their clients informed. It varies quite a bit.

Even the American Bar Association is inconclusive on this issue, saying that when a client asks for reasonable information, the lawyer is required to promptly comply. However, “promptly” is not defined.

To help avoid communication problems, ask your lawyer about his or her preferred style of communication at the start of the representation. Although it won’t guarantee a drop-off in communication midway through your case, you may get a sense of whether you will get the lawyer will be able to give you the personal contact you want.

What To Do If My Lawyer Won’t Return My Calls?

Failing to communicate is one of the biggest complaints that clients make. If your lawyer is otherwise very competent, try to discuss your concerns and come up with a solution to get back on track.

Start by leaving a message with a secretary or paralegal, asking for an update on the status of your case. Next, try email. Some lawyers are more responsive that way.

Can I Fire My Injury Lawyer in South Carolina?

Yes, you have the right to fire your lawyer at any time for any reason.
If you’ve lost confidence in your lawyer, you can also get a second opinion before terminating the representation.

Will I Have to Pay My Lawyer If I Fire Them?

You don’t have to pay your lawyer for work that’s already been done. The two lawyers generally agree to split the contingent fee in your case based on who performed the most work.

How to Hire a New Lawyer in Orangeburg, S.C.

It’s wise to hire your new lawyer before firing the existing one. You may discover that finding an attorney willing to take over for another may be a challenge. Some prefer not picking up the pieces after someone else has worked on the case.

If communication is important to you, discuss with your new lawyer how you’d like to receive status updates — by phone, email, or in-person — and how often.

How Can Wilson Law Group, LLC Help Me?

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