DUI Accidents

Our S.C. personal injury attorneys go the extra mile to provide what you need after a serious accident.

DUI Personal injury lawyer In The Midlands And Low Country

DUI Accidents

Drunk drivers injure and kill hundreds of innocent drivers, passenger, bicyclists and pedestrians in South Carolina every year. The state legislature and local police are taking steps to get drunk drivers off our roads and highways. One of the most effective means is to make sure their auto insurance companies are held financially responsible for compensating the victims for their injuries and financial damages.

If you were injured or you lost a family member in a motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver in South Carolina, turn to the motor vehicle accident attorneys of Wilson Law Group, LLC in Bamberg, for experienced legal representation. We have earned our reputation as tough protectors of victims in personal injury litigation matters.

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There may be additional punitive damages available for victims of DUI drivers and the bars and restaurants who served them alcohol may also be held liable under our state’s dram shop laws. Let our experience in these cases work for you. Don’t talk to an insurance representative until you speak with one of our lawyers.

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