Unsafe Road Conditions

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Because Roads In The Midlands And Low Country Are Dangerous

Unsafe Road Conditions

Anyone who has ever driven through the State of South Carolina knows that our road conditions are among the roughest in the nation. The hot summers followed by the wet and sometimes icy winters mean potholes and surface cracks are a constant danger. Long stretches of highways through the state lie littered with blown-out tires and separated treads, many resulting in serious motor vehicle accidents. Poorly designed or maintained roads and ditches often lead to standing water which causes drivers to hydroplane.

In addition to unsafe road surfaces, our state also has a mix of geography that includes winding roads and steep ascents and descents in our hilly regions. Steep curves often catch drivers unaware, leading to rollover accidents or sudden swerves into oncoming traffic.

How We Help

If you were injured or lost a family member in a motor vehicle accident in South Carolina, it may be appropriate to consider whether unsafe road conditions or design may have contributed to the cause. Call a lawyer on the personal injury team at Wilson Law Group, LLC in Bamberg, right away.

We are a team of experienced attorneys who have earned a reputation for our aggressive, effective legal representation in motor vehicle accident cases. We charge nothing to review the circumstances of your case and give you an honest evaluation of whether you have a legitimate claim against the party or parties responsible for road design and construction and surface maintenance.

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We have litigated cases holding SCDOT and others liable for dangerous conditions such as dangerous roadways, water on roadways causing hydroplaning accidents, downed trees on roadways, dangerous shoulders, and others.

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