Defective Products, Tire Defects

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For People Injured Because Of Dangerous Products in Orangeburg and Richland Counties

Defective Products

Product manufacturers, distributors and installers have a legal obligation to take reasonable measures to protect consumers from danger when using their products. In some cases, this goes back to the safe design, materials and manufacturing processes. This applies to all products made for use or consumption. For some inherently dangerous products, such as table saws, manufacturers may be required to include clear instructions and warning labels. If an injury occurs while using the product as intended, the manufacturer or representative party (installer, repair service) may be held liable for compensating the injured party for damages. Those who suffer injuries may need one of our Orangeburg or Richland County defective products lawyers to help them with filing a personal injury claim.

Blowout Accidents Caused By Defective Tire Treads

Anyone driving along a highway in South Carolina can’t help but notice the large number of tire blowouts along the shoulders. In many cases, the poor road conditions can cause treads to strip off the tires, resulting in a dangerous blowout accident. While road surface conditions are often partly to blame, tire treads should not separate from the body of the tire as easily as many do. Tire manufacturers and even installers may often be to blame for blowout accidents and subsequent injuries.

Attorneys at Wilson Law Group, LLC have years of experience representing injured parties in cases involving manufacturing defects, across a broad range of industries. With offices in Bamberg County and Orangeburg County, we serve throughout the state.

We represent clients injured in cases involving defective industrial and consumer products, such as:

  • Tire treads defects, auto defects
  • Dangerous toys and children’s products
  • Fires and explosions caused by defective appliances
  • Electrical shock injuries

Our attorneys have been able to help numerous clients injured in cases involving tire defects, auto defects, defective yard equipment, defective fuel systems, and many other defective products.

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