Mechanical Failure

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Bamberg Semi Truck Mechanical Failure

Mechanical Failure

Holding Truckers Accountable For Mechanical Failure

Trucking companies are required to follow federal regulations governing routine maintenance and replacement of critical truck components and systems. Licensed drivers are required to complete maintenance checks and handle specific maintenance problems as they may arise. If a problem is beyond the scope of a roadside or truck stop repair, the trucking company should make arrangements to remove the vehicle from the highway.

Every year in South Carolina, hundreds of motor vehicle accidents involved large commercial trucks, resulting in serious injuries and deaths. In many cases, the accidents are caused when a trailer has a problem, a truck engine stall, truck tires blow out or brake systems fail. Even an empty semi truck and trailer careening down the road because of a mechanical problem puts every nearby vehicle in serious danger.

If you or a loved one were injured in a truck accident in South Carolina, improper repairs or maintenance to the truck or trailer may have been the cause of the wreck. Don’t accept the truck company’s explanation as the final word. You owe it to yourself and your family to hire a knowledgeable team of lawyers to represent your interests in a personal injury claim.

Some types of maintenance and mechanical failure resulting in truck accidents include:

  • Brake failure
  • Trailer hook up failure
  • Failure of running lights or directional signals
  • Tire blowouts and tire tread separation
  • Truck engine overheating
  • Truck transmission failure

There May Be More Than One Party Liable For Damages

Turn to the attorneys of Wilson Law Group, LLC, in Bamberg, for quality legal representation. Our attorneys are recognized for our willingness and resources to dig deep into an investigation to determine the extent of financial damages, as well as the parties who may be held liable for compensating you for damages. Every trucker is required to maintain a log book of routine operations and checks. Every cab is equipped with a “black box” for a record of engine data. We know what to look for and we make sure the evidence is made available to us.

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