Truck Driver Error/Fatigue

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Truck Driver Error/Fatigue

When Distracted Truckers Cause Injury In The Midlands Or Low Country

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) governs all rules and regulations regarding trucking operations and truck driver safety on American roads and highways. One of the key regulations mandates the number of consecutive hours a commercial truck driver is allowed to remain behind the wheel without breaks for meals and sleep. Truck company policies, however, often make demands on truckers to continue driving through their breaks. Our roads are filled with speeding trucks driven by truckers who are too tired to make proper decisions regarding driver safety and routine maintenance to their engines, cabs and trailers.

Anytime there is a wreck involving a large semi or tractor trailer or log truck, it is a fair question to ask whether truck driver fatigue may have played a role in the crash. Could the trucker have made the right decision to avoid an accident if they had rested properly? Was drifting over the line a result of a gust of high wind, or too tired to hold onto the wheel? Did the driver make an improper turn, or give the wrong signal?

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We will investigate the cause of your accident and gather all log book records and reports to determine whether the truck driver violated FMCSA regulations or the truck owners policies and caused the accident.

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