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How to Get a Copy of Your Police Accident Report in Bamberg, SC

How to Get a Copy of Your Police Accident Report in Bamberg, SC

If you’ve been involved in a collision, it is vital to have law enforcement respond to the scene to redirect traffic, make sure that anyone who is injured receives medical treatment, and commence an initial investigation. The responding law enforcement officer will fill out and file an official accident report, which could be important for any future property damage or injury claims that you need to file.

If you were involved in a car accident in the greater Bamberg area, be sure to obtain a copy of your police report and contact an experienced car accident attorney to discuss your rights and legal options. In case you are unsure of the process of obtaining a report, the experienced attorneys of Wilson Law Group, LLC, have provided some helpful information below. We are also here to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation when you call (803) 219-4859 or contact us online.

Steps to Take to Get a Copy of Your Police Report

South Carolina requires drivers or owners of cars involved in accidents to report the incident within 15 days to the South Carolina Department of Transportation. The police officer who completes the crash report will typically give you a form called an FR-10 that you must complete proving you had proper liability insurance at the time of the accident.

Your insurance company will send your completed form to the South Carolina Department of Transportation. Be sure to keep a copy of the FR-10 for your records.

The actual form completed by the officer responding to the accident is the Traffic Collision Report Form (TR-310), which is sent to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. To get a copy of your crash report, you must complete a Request for Officer’s Report (Form FR-50) and submit it to the SCDMV.

You can also obtain a report from the law enforcement agency that responded to your crash. In Bamberg, you can visit the police department in person or call them at:

2340 Main Highway

Bamberg SC 29003

(803) 245-2463

You can also get directions, see office hours, and even send a message through the department’s official Facebook page.

What Is Included in a Police Report?

The TR-310 is typically broken into multiple sections covering information relevant to the crash, including:

  • The date, location, and time the crash occurred.
  • The names, contact information, driver’s license numbers, and insurance company information for every person involved in the accident.
  • Property damage estimates, with diagrams of the location of the damage on each vehicle
  • Information about drivers and passengers involved. This could include any injuries suffered, whether they were wearing seatbelts and other vital information.
  • The results of any alcohol or drug tests administered at the scene.
  • A description of the sequence of events, witness observations, and other information.

How a Police Report Can Be Helpful in Your Car Accident Claim

The police report is critical because it is usually the first formal documentation relating to an accident. The details it includes can give insurers a picture of what happened from a non-biased officer of the law. Insurance companies take police reports seriously, and it could go a long way toward convincing them to settle your injury claim.

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