Nowadays, millennial drivers make up a large percentage of all motorists on the road, but the drivers that fall within this age group also receive a lot of flak for taking unnecessary risks and otherwise engaging in dangerous driving behaviors. Is the bad reputation millennial drivers have actually warranted, however, or has it been overinflated by the media?

According to Business Insider, millennials have indeed earned their reputation for being poor and often dangerous drivers, and the publication goes so far as to deem this age group of drivers “America’s worst.” Just how are millennial drivers endangering other motorists on the roadway?

By the numbers

Nearly 90 percent of all “young” millennial drivers, or those who fall between the ages of 19 and 24, have engaged in a dangerous driving behavior within the last 30 days. These dangerous behaviors commonly include speeding, texting behind the wheel and running red lights, and all three are likely contributors to the 7 percent spike in American traffic fatalities seen in 2015.

Statistics indicate that motorists should also be wary of millennial drivers making their way through school zones. While only about 5 percent of all drivers believe it is acceptable to drive 10 mph over the posted limit in a school zone, almost 12 percent of young millennial drivers feel this way.

texting while driving SC

Attitudes part of the problem

Safety advocates are also expressing concerns because many of today’s younger drivers seem to have little guilt or understanding about how their actions are endangering others on the roadway. Until a necessary attitude shift occurs, fatalities on American roadways are likely to continue to climb.

While there is only so much someone can do when others take unnecessary risks on the road, drivers can enhance their own safety by avoiding engaging in dangerous driving behaviors. They may, too, help lessen the problem by making sure any teen or young adult drivers in their family are aware of the potential consequences for their actions behind the wheel. Consult with our attorneys at Wilson Law Group LLC to learn more about your legal options.