July 4 has come and gone. If you are like many people, fireworks played some role in your celebrations. Perhaps you went to see a spectacular show or put on a display of your own. Hopefully, there were no injuries.

However, now may actually be the time of the most danger because your guard is down — and everyone else’s is too. Follow these tips to stay safe for the rest of the summer.

Proper storage

Keep your unused fireworks in a dry area. A shed may be fine; just make sure the fireworks are not close to gasoline or other flammables. It is a good idea to keep the fireworks in a plastic or metal container and to lock the box to prevent children from accessing them.


What if you decide you want to get rid of leftover fireworks, rather than store them? Perhaps you do not need them for New Year’s Eve or would rather not have them around. The best practice is to waterlog the fireworks; you can do this by soaking them in water overnight. Afterward, wrap them in a plastic bag to prevent drying out, and dispose of them with your regular garbage or drop them off at the fire station.

It is best to not resell fireworks. For one thing, authorities advise that everyone purchase fireworks from legitimate retailers and not from private sources. A private sale could also potentially open you up to legal trouble if anyone got hurt from the fireworks you sold.

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Children and safety

Review fireworks safety with your children, even if you already did so on July 4 or before that. Explain to your kids that you want them to stay safe and remind them that improper handling can lead to serious injuries. Err on the side of simple and straightforward rules versus complicated explanations.

By appropriately storing or disposing of your unused fireworks, you can help keep your family safe to celebrate all summer long.