When you think about medical malpractice in Aikin and Orangeburg counties, one of the first things that may run through your mind is doctor errors. Many good doctors make mistakes that cost their patients dearly. With this in mind, you may feel alarmed and overwhelmed at the thought of making an appointment.

But you should not let your concerns keep you from getting the medical care you need in a timely manner.

Recognize the risk factors

There are many reasons why doctors, nurses and other medical personnel make mistakes, including the following:

  • Seeing too many patients
  • Failing to spend enough time with patients
  • Allowing a breakdown in communication
  • Writing illegibly
  • Failing to verify information

Keep in mind that patients who withhold information from their doctors and fail to schedule follow-up appointments and diagnostic procedures could also play a contributing role in the commission of doctor errors.

Speak up for yourself

It may help if you approach the process of getting medical care like you would if you were purchasing a house or vehicle. After all, your health is one of the most important things you could ever invest in. You do not necessarily need to spend more money to get the quality and scope of medical care you are entitled to. You may simply need to play a more active role.

Shop around and see several different health care providers to get a more thorough understanding of what your circumstances are. Ask questions and do not hold back information when questioned about your medical history and symptoms. Bring along a family member to act as your advocate so you do not forget anything.

Your health may depend on trusting your doctors and medical personnel with your care. Because a single mistake can change your life, be ready to help your health care providers give you the standard of care they must to ensure your vitality.