If you are one of the thousands of people injured in trucking accidents each year, you might be shaken and worried. Due to the sheer weight and force of commercial trucks, these accidents are likely to cause serious injuries and even death. Here is a brief overview of common injuries following big-rig collisions so you can understand your situation better.

Brain injuries

Whether you hit your head on the inside of your car or you experienced serious whiplash, you might be at risk of a brain injury. Head trauma symptoms include confusion, nausea, blurry vision or difficulty remembering. These signs can sometimes take days or weeks to show up, which is why it is important to get medical attention immediately so your doctor can find injuries you might not notice.

Soft tissue injuries

Your connective tissue, muscles, ligaments and tendons are prone to injury in trucking accidents. Whiplash can result in a soft tissue injury because your neck and back muscles and ligaments are stretched and traumatized. Your vertebrae may experience sprains if there was serious impact against your spine. Soft tissue injuries are often slow to appear.

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Back injuries

Your back could be injured beyond a vertebrae sprain in a truck accident. If there was serious force against your spinal cord, it could become damaged and cause paralysis. A lower back injury could result in chronic back pain that makes simple tasks such as sleeping or sitting difficult.

If you have any injury as a result of negligent truck driving, you may be able to receive damages to cover your medical expenses and mental suffering. For hep collecting important information and bringing a personal injury claim, contact an attorney.