St. Patrick’s Day has become a popular and loved American tradition. Green clothes, green hair and green beer are all part of the fun.

However, you can bet that there will also be some not-so-fun results of all the revelry. Some people are bound to forget their limits, drink too much and end up arrested for drunk driving or involved in a drunk driving accident.

So that you can try to avoid being among those who end their celebration with a bang of an unpleasant sort, follow the following tips.

  • Don’t drink without eating.
    Drinking without eating is a sure way to get drunk faster, and it’s also the most likely way to lead to trouble. Pace yourself and make sure that you eat something occasionally while celebrating.
  • Go out in a group.
    Sometimes, a group mentality is a good thing, especially if your group is generally safety-minded. If your friends are generally a conscientious bunch, you will all exert pressure on each other to avoid doing anything foolish.
  • Watch over your friends.
    There’s a lot of “stranger danger” in bars on the holidays. You’ll see faces you never see at any other time of the year. Make sure that you and your friends are watching each other. Don’t allow a friend who has had too much to leave with anybody you don’t know, and watch their unattended drinks. Someone might put something into a drink and try to slip out the door with someone you know.
  • Pick a designated driver (or volunteer to be one).
    Here’s a good rule to follow: the designated driver gets free food all night. Everybody else picks up the driver’s tab. That usually makes up for the inconvenience of being the only one at the party who can’t drink.
  • Have a backup plan.
    Do you have Uber or Lyft installed on your phone? If not, get one of these apps on there and set up your account. You may have to pay a premium fare on St. Patrick’s Day, but you can always split it with your friends if you’re all going back to someone’s place together. A backup plan is essential, just in case the designated driver forgets his or her job.

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