If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident in Orangeburg, getting medical care should be your top priority. But you may also be wondering what to do at the hospital to protect a future personal injury claim.

Here’s the good news: Being at the hospital is the No. 1 thing you can do ensure that your health and rights to legal compensation are well-protected.

There will certainly be “business” to take care of following the crash, but don’t worry about getting it done immediately. Focus on what the doctor says and get the medical treatment you need.

When to Go to the Hospital After an Accident in Orangeburg

You should go to the hospital after any car accident in Orangeburg. When there are obvious signs of serious injury, immediate medical attention will be necessary. A good rule of thumb is never to refuse an ambulance ride if a paramedic recommends it.

You should seek follow-up care even if there are no signs of serious injuries. Many accident victims sustain injuries during a crash but don’t experience symptoms until day or weeks after the accident.

Legally speaking, a failure to promptly seek medical care can be used against you by the insurance company when you file a personal injury claim later. An adjuster could argue that you weren’t seriously injured because you didn’t see a doctor right away. Alternatively, an insurance representative might claim that you made your injuries worse by not getting medical care quickly. These tactics are used in an attempt to reduce or minimize the amount of compensation that you are awarded.

What to Do and Say When You Get to the Hospital

Everything you say and do after an accident is critical to your claim. The most important thing is to get a full understanding of your injuries and what’s necessary to treat them. Make sure to tell the doctor that the injuries were the result of a car accident so that it is noted in your medical records.

If you are able, you should also ask questions about the severity of your condition and prognosis. You never want to settle with the insurance company until you understand what the injuries will cost you physically, financially, and emotionally.

Be aware that even though you may not have had time to contact your auto insurance company yet, the at-fault driver or anyone else involved in the accident may have already informed their insurer of the crash. You or a family member may receive a phone call from their investigators seeking a statement or “to check on how you’re doing.” Even though they may sound sympathetic, these calls can impact your case if someone says too much. Politely decline to speak with anyone until you’ve had a chance to consult with a lawyer.

When to Call a Car Accident Lawyer in Orangeburg, S.C.

You should contact an Orangeburg car accident lawyer any time that you have been injured in a crash. You deserve to be fully compensated for your losses, and you can count on insurance companies to stop at nothing to deny you the money you are owed.

Working with an attorney gives you several advantages. First, an attorney will be able to estimate what your case is worth by looking at how cases similar to yours have settled in the past. A lawyer can also represent you in all negotiations with the insurance company. Claimants will have a harder time knowing what a fair offer looks like without this guidance.

How Can Wilson Law Group Help Me?

At Wilson Law Group, an Orangeburg car accident lawyer can investigate your case, collect evidence, and build a solid claim that demands maximum compensation. Call or contact us today to schedule a free consultation.