Prescription Errors

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When You've Been Given The Wrong Prescription

Prescription Errors

Medical practitioners have your best interests in mind. Nevertheless, occasional accidents and oversights are inevitable. This can be especially dangerous when mistakes are made relating to a patient’s medication. If given the wrong prescription, or the wrong dosage, the results are often hazardous to one’s health.

If you have suffered because of a health care professional’s prescription error, we can help. The attorneys at Wilson Law Group, LLC have decades of experience pursuing compensation and justice for victims of medical malpractice. We have earned millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, and stand prepared to assist you, too.

Protection For A Full Array Of Prescription Errors In The Midlands And Low Country

Prescription error claims may fall into several categories:

  • Doctor misdiagnosed a medical condition and prescribed a medication that proved harmful to the patient
  • Doctor prescribed a medication that resulted in known side effects when interacting with other medications taken by the patient
  • A nursing error, administering the wrong dosage or medication while in the hospital, nursing home or under the care of a licensed home care professional
  • Doctor prescribed a medication with known dangerous side effects (dangerous pharmaceutical product)
  • Doctor prescribed excessive dosage
  • Pharmacist erred when filling the prescription, either in dosage or medication name
  • Pharmacist mislabeled the prescription and instructions for use

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